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Imagine yourself in an empty space with nothing on the walls, floor or ceiling, just a blank slate– where do you start? Most would begin by picturing the paint colour on the walls, the furniture to add in and what the end result would look like, but what if you could see the finished room with a computer and a few clicks of a mouse?




Whenever we decide to create new renderings, animations or interactive programs, we do so with the consumer in mind, asking questions like: “What will the designer need to show?”, “How will the viewer see it?”, “How will a developer use it?” and “What can we do to make the experience seamless, easy and useful?”. Today’s landscape sees an increasing demand to create customized experiences, for everything from designing every detail of a home to creating a brand-new look for a car.


At NEEZO Studios, we’ve created configurators – interactive programs that give users the opportunity for product customization – as a fully 3D experience. These easy-to-use tools were made to not only help manufacturers and retailers create unique pieces, but also for builders, interior designers and renovators to develop fully realized spaces collaboratively with purchasers.


The NEEZO-designed configurator software previews a variety of styles in different conditions – from how shingles will look mid-afternoon on a sunny day to car finishes at twilight in the countryside – so that users can see their vision come to life in 3D, through cinematic style views. We’ve adapted the software for many uses, including integrating car wrap technology like with our most recent project with Avery Dennison.


Now imagine yourself back in that empty, blank, canvas space with the same task, but instead of being able to use a computer, you can see (and easily switch out) design elements, fixtures, flooring, lighting & more. Given time, virtual reality technology transmitted through a device placed over your eyes, will allow the configurator program to become a fully immersive experience. Prospective owners could build their homes from the foundation to the rooftop shingles, test drive their customized car before purchasing, or assemble a new piece of furniture from start to finish. This technology would turn the customization process into an entirely interactive adventure.




The future of technology is already upon us. Things have developed tremendously in the last two decades and they’ll only get more advanced hence why VR and AR becoming more prominently used.


The first Virtual Reality (VR) application that I tried out was of a new house. The cool thing about it was not only the fact that I was able to look around the outside of the property, I was also able to go inside the house and rearrange things however I pleased. VR applications can really be helpful when deciding whether or not to buy a house or an apartment. Potential buyers can view their potential future homes/apartments without even having to be there in person. Check out our official Home Customizer demo :


The first Augmented Reality (AR) application that I tried out was of a car, but get this, I was able to place the car and see it in reality in whichever location I was standing in without it actually being there. That’s the magic of AR. By looking through a special tablet that’s been configured to be able to locate where I was standing and then drop the car was a really cool experience. Check out our official Car Visualizer Demo :


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