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Called upon by some of the hottest shows and talent in TV and film production, our award-winning creative animations have become famous in the industry. Sought-out mainly for reno-inspired TV shows and movies, our 3D animations, renderings, and motion graphics have helped bring the story to life on tons of TV shows and movies. Our work has been featured on networks like Netflix, HGTV, ABC, FX, FOX, CTV, Food Network, Discover +, and A&E.

Our Work Has Been Featured On Over...

TV Shows & Films

Where It All Started

We started a trend over a decade ago in the TV/Film world by creating the 3D renderings and animations featured on HGTV’s The Property Brothers™, a show where twin brothers Drew Scott & Jonathan Scott would work alongside prospective homebuyers to find a “fixer-upper” and remodel it into their dream home while staying within their budget. In order to help the families and individuals featured on each episode envision the ideas that Jonathan and Drew had for their “fixer-upper”, NEEZO Studios was tasked with creating the 3D renderings and animations used to help show the before and after of every home, both for the interior and exterior spaces. If you’ve ever watched an episode of The Property Brothers™ and noticed the 3D animations of the furniture, walls, floors, counters, etc flying around the room to construct the new designs, that’s us! 

After The Property Brothers™ became a worldwide phenom, our iconic build-up style animations have been sought-out by various production companies seeking to utilize our 3D storytelling capabilities for their TV shows and movies.

"For most people, the hardest part of buying a home is seeing the potential in a property. NEEZO Studios has always been an invaluable tool to help us paint the picture for buyers"

Drew & Jonathan Scott

The Property Brothers™

From Our Studio To The Big Screen,
These Are The Productions Where We've Been Seen

What We Do In The Shadows

FX - Special Episode

Property Brothers

HGTV - Seasons 1-7

Holmes Family Effect

FOX & CTV - Season 1, 4 episodes

Celebrity IOU

HGTV - Seasons 1-6

Brother Vs. Brother

HGTV - Seasons 1-8

Forever Home

HGTV - Seasons 1-7

Designing Christmas

Discovery + Original Film

Motel Makeover

Netflix - Season 1

Selling Sunset

Netflix - Special Episode

Hack My Home

Netflix - Season 1, 8 episodes

Property Brothers - White House Special

Aired During 2023 Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

Where To I Do?

CTV Life Channel - Seasons 1-3

Idea House: Mountain Modern

ROKU - Season 1

Brothers Take On New Orleans

HGTV - Season 1

Move Or Improve

A&E - Season 1

Property Brothers At Home

HGTV - Season 3

Canada: The Story Of Us

CBC - Episodes 1-7

Income Property

HGTV - Seasons 7-8

Reno Vs. Relocate

Discovery Fit & Health - Season 1

All-Star Halloween Spectacular

HGTV - Special Episode

Flipping Virgins

HGTV - Seasons 1-2

Additional TV/Film Features

TV Reels

2023 Reel – Coming Soon

2018 TV Reel

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