Project Overview
Union City is an unprecedented master-planned community by Metropia with remarkable architecture, stunning interiors, hotel-inspired amenities, and a new era of elevated design. The site will see new residences, recreation, offices, retail, parks, and neighborhood services spread across 12 acres. Metropia entrusted NEEZO Studios with effectively showcasing phase 1 of Union City by having the studio produce some of their award-winning creative sales & marketing tools including: Interior & Exterior Renderings, Two Creative Animations, A Massing Scale Model, and A Feature Scale Model.


Union City is officially one of the most successful real estate projects in Canadian history, having successfully sold over 1200 units in under 3 months. NEEZO Studios’ services helped bring this prestigious project to life and effectively showed buyers what makes Union City so unique. It is now another record-breaking development project that NEEZO Studios has been a part of.

Union City



What We Did

3D Renderings | 2 Animations | 2 Scale Models
Aerial Photography | Cinematic Film 

“It has been an absolute delight to work with Chloé, Kevin, and the entire Neezo Team, for almost a year and a half now. They are true consummate professionals, who communicate very well, meet timelines and pivot well when we required them to make changes prior to our launch dates. No job is too small and the entire Neezo Team went above and beyond to satisfy all our requirements with respect to our renderings, which we received many compliments from our Industry Colleagues, the Brokerage Community, and the General Public. They also created the scale model and community model for our master-planned community. We would recommend Neezo’s services to anyone who is preparing for a launch – their attention to detail, communication skills, professionalism and pride in their work is second to none.”

Director of Sales & MarketingMetropia

Interior & Exterior Renderings Collection

Animation Collection

Introducing Union City
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Union House & Tower C Animation
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Feature Scale Model

-Scale Model 1:175-

“We on-boarded Kevin, Chloé and the entire Neezo Team 12-18 months ago. We wanted Kevin and Team to produce a Community Table and a Scale Model for our Union City, Master Planned Community. The first phase of this Master-Planned Community consists of 3 Towers and a stand-alone Amenity Hub, known as Union House. During the development process, we needed to change aspects of the Towers (Elevation, Balconies, etc.).

The entire Neezo Team was very accommodating to our required revisions and maintained their professionalism, patience and met all our delivery timelines, which was not an easy task. They planned many on-site visits, explained the process from start to finish and pivoted when required. They went above and beyond to meet our launch timelines.”

Massing Scale Model

-Scale Model 1:275-