NEEZO Studios was honoured to build a scale model for the soon-to-be, iconic, landmark tower…the one and only…The One by Mizrahi Developments. When finished, the scale model for The One soared an impressive 11’h @ 1:100 scale.

NEEZO’s scale model became an eye-popping, showstopper. A showpiece that went on to have its own moment in the spotlight, spending a full week on display at Toronto’s Metro Hall during TORONTO OF THE FUTURE®, a unique exhibition, showcasing residential developments and urban infrastructure that will go on to shape Canada’s most dynamic city in years to come.

TORONTO OF THE FUTURE®’s exhibit featured leading players in real estate and architecture and was co-hosted by our client, Mizrahi Developments and the City of Toronto. Thousands of architecture enthusiasts patiently waited in line to see NEEZO’s scale model of The One during the week-long exhibit. Cordoned off with stanchions, it was definitely the one to watch at the exhibit.

Requests for NEEZO’s scale model of The One keep coming, be it for home shows or other architectural exhibits and tours…and NEEZO is happy to contribute in a small way. 


The One


Mizrahi Developments

What We Did

3D Renderings | Short Film | VFX

Aerial Photography | Music Production | Scale Model



Scale Model 

1:100 (11′ h)

“I’ve had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with NEEZO Studios since 2008. They are simply the best at what they do and I am continually amazed at their ability to capture the beauty, elegance and intricate details of our residential development projects. It’s wonderful when you can find a partner that shares your passion for craftsmanship and also offers exemplary customer service. NEEZO Studios is that partner.”

Sam Mizrahi, Founder and President
Mizrahi Developments

Background of The One

Mizrahi Developments is committed to building in communities where input from residents and business owners as well as municipal leaders is actively sought and respected.

The transformation of certain parts of the city is a happy, celebrated occurrence when the people who will be affected by the development are allowed to discuss its impact on their neighbourhood. Everyone wants a vibrant, convivial enclave in which to walk, engage with others and participate in the enjoyment of a great city. Mizrahi Developments doesn’t just think about what the people who will live in The One might want. They’re also concerned with what the people walking by The One might want. The quality of life at the street level is critical.

In developing and fine-tuning the design of The One, Mizrahi Developments held several public forums, inviting residents and businesses in the area to engage in dialogue about the plans for the site.

Architects from Foster + Partners, headquartered France came to Toronto several times for meetings to discuss the finer aspects of the proposed building. Wind studies were discussed. Shadow studies for the building were presented. Walking through the site to talk to locals and understand the specific culture and sense of place at Yonge and Bloor were all important stages in the development of the project.

Mizrahi Developments worked closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the evolution of the neighbourhood took its cues from what already exists.

Yonge and Bloor is the nexus of retail, cultural and residential life in Toronto. Bloor Street West is one of the most celebrated shopping avenues in the world. Yonge Street is the longest street in the world. The intersection of the two is an event that deserves an appropriate celebration. It is also a place to make a statement about the identity of the city.

The design challenge was complex: to create an iconic tower that welcomed the future but also worked in the surrounding environment, invigorating the pedestrian and retain experience, in addition to meeting all the logistical needs. Mizrahi Developments spent over three years in discussions with municipal leaders to find solutions that provided community benefits and allowed the architects to dream big as they envisioned the tallest building in Canada, second only to the CN Tower.

Mizrahi Developments thinks of The One as a tower for the ages; a super structure that speaks of civic and national confidence in the energy and potential of Toronto, North America’s fourth largest city.


Source: mizrahidevelopments.ca   |  onebloorwest.com


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