Aspen Heights enjoys a great working relationship with NEEZO Studios, cemented by the fact that NEEZO offers a truly one-stop creative studio.
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The Independent


Aspen Heights

What We Did

3D Renderings | Short Film | Real-Time Interactive | Scale Model

Aerial Photography | Greenscreen | VFX | Music Production


"NEEZO is our go-to partner for all things animated. We began work with them in a small scope project, and were quickly blown away by both their quality as well as their creativity. Very rarely do studios like this possess both the creative chops and the project rigor to execute so well. Since that first project, we've used them again and again, and they have yet to disappoint."

Aspen Heights

3D Area Amenities

Showcase what makes your Project’s location great by exploring nearby Amenities & Transit Routes, including distance to site.

Unit Search

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Scale Model 

1:100 (8ft tall)