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RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ offers a digital twin of your new home or condo sales centre. The virtual experience invites your homebuyers to the front of the line, wherever they are! Visitors can browse the sales centre and/or schedule a meeting, virtually or in-person!

It’s open 24/7!

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You've Asked and We've Answered

What’s the purpose of having RED-CARPET VIP-VR™?

RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ was borne out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of NEEZO Studios’ builder clients had spent upwards of a half a million dollars or more on marketing and building stylish sales centres. They were all ready for their spring launch, the busiest selling season of the year, and the pandemic put progress on pause.  Resale marketing was still carrying on. Afterall, homebuyers still needed to and wanted to buy homes…so the founder of NEEZO Studios, Marvin Maalouf developed RED-CARPET VIP-VR™.

Does RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ replace the sales centre?

RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ does not replace the sales centre…unless of course, you prefer to not have a physical sales centre.  With NEEZO’s architectural visualization services and software products, you can certainly complete a new home or condo transaction completely online.

Think of RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ as another marketing tool.  It serves as a digital twin of your exact sales centre’s floorplan.  The benefit of offering a virtual version of your sales centre is profound, in that, you will never-ever be at the mercy of a pandemic to decide whether or not you can launch your project.  Clients have shared with us that even post-pandemic, RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ has become a value-added service, ideal for busy homebuyers whose schedules may not allow for a sales centre visit. It offers a high-touch level of service that meets consumers—where they are and speaks to them on their terms—whether that’s on their couch or in another continent. It’s also a terrific sales tool for your extended sales team (agents/brokers) to share with their customer base, including foreign investors.  Users will have the exact same experience had they walked into your sales centre. All of your marketing efforts will still be enjoyed and made full use of.

Some of my customers may not be tech savvy, how would we work around that?

NEEZO Studios makes its software very intuitive. Users are used to clicking on circles on the floor to virtually tour a home.  To ensure digital visitors aren’t missing anything along the sales centre tour, NEEZO Studios can program a ‘virtual assistant’ (it can even be your actual salesperson speaking on camera) to point out key features as the user approaches various vignettes within the digital sales centre.

I noticed that RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ has a meeting-calendar option, what are the hours for scheduling appointments?

The calendar can be set-up to offer only those dates/times that work for the builder and its sales team. You will never have to worry about missing a sales appointment due to a conflict of the homebuyer’s schedule.

How do decide which features and finishes to showcase for the kitchen/bathroom?

There are 2 options:

  1. NEEZO Studios can feature your interior designer’s exact features and finishes.  
  2. If you haven’t selected features and finishes yet or you don’t have a designer, NEEZO Studios’ in-house design team can help facilitate the selection of standard and upgrade packages, while collaborating with your trades.

Do I have to have a scale model?

No, you do not need to have a scale model. We understand that low rise projects sometimes prefer to have a 2D rendering of their site plan. The choice is yours. However, if you do need a scale model…that is one of NEEZO’s areas of expertise!  In RED-CARPET VIP-VR™, we’ve included the capability of 360 degree views around the scale model, so that homebuyers won’t miss a thing.

Can I feature my builder’s story and show our vision for the project?

Yes. We encourage you to be as creative as you wish. Your builder’s story can be a photo, copy related or in video format. Be as creative as you wish.  If you would like a builder’s story in video format, NEEZO Studios creative team can help storyboard/film/edit an engaging builder’s story for you.

I have a lot of marketing collateral, is there a way to use it in this format?

Absolutely. NEEZO Studios can provide digital shelf space for all of your marketing collateral. Users will be invited to click on the brochures or price lists and can even download them as PDFs. 

Think about the print savings!

I have a model suite I’d like to feature as well, is that possible?

Most definitely. Your model suite(s) can easily be added to your personalized RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ project.

How different is RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ from your other product LiveSite™ ?

RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ is the prelude to LiveSite™. It gets you in the door to tour the sales centre. LiveSite™ on the other hand is featured as one of your sales centre’s vignettes. LiveSite™ continues the digital experience after you’ve entered the RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ sales centre.  LiveSite is NEEZO’s 3D, interactive sales software that features photo-realistic renderings, interactive site map, the ability to view your home at different times of day and/or season. Users can compare floorplans side by side and more. Here’s a demo of LiveSite™ in action.  To learn more about LiveSite™ or request a demo click here.

How long does this whole process take?

Provided that the client can provide all of their marketing assets without delay, NEEZO Studios’ team can provide your RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ treatment in approximately 6-8 weeks.

Would you like to digitally twin your sales centre? Let’s talk.

We welcome the opportunity to show you how RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ can digitally twin your sales centre, ensuring your project continues to sell, in-person or virtually.