Established in 1963, the Molinaro Group has developed over 12,000 residential units and more than one million square feet of commercial real estate. As a builder that strives to consistently create premium quality projects that maintain high standards for design, accessibility, and efficiency, the Molinaro Group knew that the release of their highly anticipated development, Paradigm Grand, needed to make an impact. Having partnered with NEEZO Studios on their previous projects, including Illumina and the first release of the Paradigm condos, the Molinaro Group knew it was essential to have a one stop marketing package that would tie everything together and tell the same story. 
Paradigm Grand is the finale of the Paradigm Condos development located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Phase one of Paradigm was completed in 2019 and includes three connected buildings. Among its impressive features, Paradigm is a LEED Silver Certified development that was awarded for energy efficiency, air quality, and design innovation. Additionally, Paradigm ushered in what the Molinaro Group coined as “The New Burlington”. Understanding the level of respect and success that phase one of Paradigm received, the grand finale of this development, Paradigm Grand, has become highly anticipated in the Burlington area.
The Approach
The Molinaro Group wanted to have an impressive and memorable overall sales experience that would help depict how special Paradigm Grand is. After understanding how valuable the true one stop marketing services that NEEZO Studios created for Molinaro Group’s previous project, Illumina, were and how they helped speed up the selling process, they knew that Paradigm Grand also deserved the same marketing and sales experience. As a result, NEEZO created a wide variety of services which include: 3D renderings, two animations, a scale model, Red Carpet VIP-VR, and a LiveSite™ interactive application – both the sales center version as well as the Web GL experience. Since Paradigm Grand is the finale of the already existing Paradigm condos, it was crucial to show potential buyers what makes these towers unique, but what also ties them together to be one grand development.
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Paradigm Grand


Molinaro Group

What We Did

3D Renderings | Real-Time Interactive | 2 Animations
Aerial Photography | Scale Model | Cinematic Film | Web Application | Red Carpet VIP-VR



-Scale Model 1:87-

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