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LiveSite combines award-winning expertise in game-engine technology with a deep understanding of the Real Estate sales process to create impactful & memorable sales experiences powered by live data.

Powered by Live Data

LiveSite's Frontend Sales Center experience is driven by a powerful Web-Base CMS, empowering your team to manage Unit & Lot Availability, Pricing, and more on the fly. Updates are immediately reflected in the Frontend, across all Sales locations & Web Browser experiences.

An Industry-Leading Featureset

With years of iteration & refinement behind it, LiveSite's Featureset encompasses everything your project needs to shine. And the best part? You only pay for the Features that make sense for YOUR project.

Interactive 3D Siteplan

Explore your development in stunning, photo-realistic detail. Increase buyer confidence by showing exactly how your project will fit into the environment.

2D & 3D Floorplans

Explore and Compare your project's Floor Plans, available as standard 2D Blacklines or fully-detailed 3D Plans.

3D Area Amenities

Showcase what makes your Project's location great by exploring nearby Amenities & Transit Routes, including distance to site.

Unit Search

With a selection of intuitive filters and a live connection to your Project's Availability & Data, buyers will find their ideal Unit in a flash.

Home & Lot Search

Match a selected Home with a corresponding Lot, and preview the Home directly in the 3D Siteplan.

Day/Night/Seasons Cycle

Seeing the building at different times of the day is important. From Day to Dusk to Night, buyers are able to see the full beauty of the project! With the latest innovative feature “Seasons”, NEEZO Studios created the new way to view your project year round during the different seasons.

Building Amenities

Showcase your Condo's Amenity Spaces, including renderings as well as an expanded Dollhouse View.

Panoramic Views

Access Panoramic View Photography, accurate to the specific Unit the buyer is interested in.

3D Home View

Explore your project with the 3D Home View, allowing users to see their home at street level.

Media Gallery

The Media Gallery provides an all-in-one spot for Renderings, Features & Finishes, and Lifestyle Imagery to be showcased.

Cinematic Animation

Showcase your Project with a real-time, Cinematic Animation that can also be shared on your Website & Social Media.

Backend CMS

Take control of your Project's Availability, Pricing, and more through a Web-Based backend interface that can be access on all of your devices.

Web-Browser Compatible

Why limit your presentation to the Sales Center? LiveSite is compatible with Modern Desktop/Laptop Web-Browsers, allowing your buyers to experience the full feature set from the comfort of their home, powered by the same up-to-date Availability & Pricing as the Sales Center experience.

Seamless Brand Integration

LiveSite's User Interface is tailored to match your branding, from Logo to color palette, all the way down to the fonts.

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We'd love to discuss how LiveSite can meet the needs of your Project. Reach out to schedule an in-person or screenshare demonstration for an in-depth walkthrough of LiveSite!

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