Molinaro Group enjoys a great working relationship and long history with NEEZO Studios, cemented by the fact that NEEZO offers a truly one-stop creative studio (many production houses claim one-stop services…and then outsource to NEEZO). Molinaro was impressed by their award-winning work and that NEEZO has an in-house farm with dozens of artists, conveniently situated in the Toronto GTA.
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The Molinaro Group

What We Did

3D Renderings | Real-Time Interactive | Scale Model 

Aerial Photography | Web Application | Cinematic Film

Client Testimonial

See what the Molinaro Group had to say about NEEZO Studios

“Working with the NEEZO team has been fantastic! Your staff has been very professional and I would definitely recommend NEEZO Studios!”

Sam Di Santo
CFO, Molinaro Gorup


“I am extremely pleased with your firm’s work on the Illumina project – there’s been a very positive response by consumers.”

Sam Di Santo
CFO, Molinaro Gorup

3D Area Amenities

Showcase what makes your Project’s location great by exploring nearby Amenities & Transit Routes, including distance to site.

Day/Night/Seasons Cycle

Seeing the building at different times of the day is important. From Day to Dusk to Night, buyers are able to see the full beauty of the project! With the latest innovative feature “Seasons”, NEEZO Studios created the new way to view your project year round during the different seasons.

Scale Model