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Working On The “Property Brothers” TV Show + Meeting The Brothers

By January 8, 2019November 15th, 2022Blog
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Behind the Creativity: Blog 7

Have you ever watched a Property Brothers episode and noticed the cool before and after transitioning scenes? The ones where Jonathan and Drew Scott, a.k.a The Property Brothers, describe how the home will look like after the renovations are complete and while they are doing so, 3D objects are flying all over the place to exemplify how the final stage will look like. Well if you’ve ever wondered just how it is done or who is behind that little chunk of magic, look no further
NEEZO Studios has been a part of the Property Brothers development team ever since the first episode aired back in 2011. The furniture and accessories flythrough scenes that NEEZO creates for every Property Brothers show is a really cool process that takes a lot of in-studio designing and techniques to be able to complete.
In my opinion, I think it’s really useful to have the actual visual representation of the transition displayed near the beginning of the episode to show viewers what the brothers have in mind. Wouldn’t you agree?
Over the years and as the Property Brothers show has continued to excel, the brothers came up with a few more show concepts that NEEZO has also been able to take part in. 
The original Property Brothers TV show first aired in 2011. Since the first episode, NEEZO Studios has been a part of each of their 7 seasons totaling OVER a hundred episodes (and counting). These episodes air on HGTV and HGTV Canada.
In 2013, just 2 years after the first Property Brothers episode was aired, Brother Vs. Brother was created. Just like with the Property Brothers show, NEEZO creates the ultimate visual tool to help viewers get a sense of what each person’s final goal is and what they hope to create in that specific episode.
NEEZO also worked on other cool shows for the brothers such as Property Brothers at Home -Drew’s Honeymoon house   and Brothers Take on New Orleans.
It’s always so exciting to be able to watch a PB episode on TV and spot work that was created by NEEZO. A lot of time and effort goes into creating every animation for every episode, so to see our work being displayed in front of a large audience globally on some very cool shows is such a fulfilling feeling.
Every time I see the Scott Brothers, they are always willing to take some pictures with me and have a small chat just to catch up on things. They are genuinely very nice guys!
Below are couple of pictures that we took throughout the years with the brothers at Producer’s Ball during TIFF hosted by Jonathan and Drew.  The events were super fun!
– Chloé with Jonathan and Drew at Producers Ball 2018
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