NEEZO Studios Wins 3 Silver Awards at The Nationals 2021!!

By December 10, 2020November 15th, 2022Blog
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On behalf of NEEZO Studios, I am tremendously proud to announce that NEEZO Studios won 3 Silver awards for NAHB’s The Nationals 2021! The categories that we won in are: Best Use of Technology, Best Virtual Sales Process/Experience, and Best Video – Long Format – Over 1 Minute.
NEEZO Studios won in the Best Use of Technology category for the Livesite application that we created for La Pue International’s The Stanley District! Livesite is NEEZO’s real time real estate sales software that has a feature set like no other. With the ability to view the entire site plan, search for available units, view nearby amenities, watch a cinematic animation, view the day/night/seasons cycle, view and compare the 2D/3D floor plans and so much more, Livesite brings your project to life virtually anywhere.
To view a demo of how we brought The Stanley District to life virtually, check out this link:
To learn more about Livesite, please visit this link:
NEEZO Studios won in the Best Virtual Sales Process/Experience category for our new breakthrough VR walkthrough experience, RED-CARPET VIP-VR! We created this RED-CARPET VIP-VR experience for Molinaro Group’s Illumina. RED-CARPET VIP-VR is the virtual replica of your sales center. It includes everything from brochures, scale models, animations, a video hostess, a calendar to book an appointment, and so much more! Especially with COVID-19, having a virtual replica of the sales center has truly come in handy since not many people feel comfortable with visiting the sales center at the moment.
To view the demo of the RED-CARPET VIP-VR application that we created of the Illumina sales center, please visit this link: 
NEEZO Studios won in the Best Video – Long Format – Over 1 Minute category for our animated work on HGTV’s Brother Vs. Brother Season 7. For over the past decade, we’ve created the 3D animated flythroughs that happen during the Property Brothers shows. Have you ever noticed when the brothers are describing how the home will look after the renovations, there are clips where furniture is flying around the room? Well, that’s us!
To view a few of the animations that we created for Brother Vs. Brother Season 7, please visit this link:
On behalf of NEEZO Studios, thank you to The Nationals for our 3 Silver Awards! We’re excited to have the opportunity to win the gold award early next year!!