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The Best of all Worlds

By November 27, 2018December 4th, 2018Blog
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Behind the Creativity: Blog 3

Sometimes it’s tough to find a wide variety of services that can all be found around the same vicinity or even under one roof. Moreover, it can be challenging to explain your vision to someone who may not see it quite like you do. However, when you do find what you’re looking for, the journey to your final product seems so much easier.


For this week’s blog, I’d like to share with you a little bit about how our studio can provide you with the best of all worlds and how everything we do in our studio is under one roof and done in-house completely.


As you know by now, NEEZO Studios specializes in creating animations, renderings, virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive applications, motion graphics, configurators and much more. However, what I haven’t shared with you is the fact that NEEZO’s sister company, Xortus, is also in-house and sharing the same studio as NEEZO. Not only does this bring together the NEEZO and Xortus teams to unite as one big family, it also allows both companies to provide more diverse services that no other company can, that is of course under one roof.


Xortus specializes in creating architectural scale models, 3D prototypes, and laser cutting and engraving. (If you’re not well aware of what a scale model is, basically it is a miniature physical representation of a product or development).


As you can see above in the picture, NEEZO Studios and Xortus are able to come together and incorporate their services to make the most diverse final product. By tying interactive lights and augmented reality from NEEZO with the scale model produced by Xortus, the final outcome can be brought to life physically and virtually.


To be honest, it can be difficult for a client to have to work with many companies in order to achieve their final vision. That’s where we come in. NEEZO and Xortus may have two different names, but the ultimate final goal is achieved by one team, one ownership, under one studio. We want to ensure clients that our studio is a one-stop shop that really aims to bring their vision to life in the coolest way possible!
Thanks for checking out this weeks’ blog post!
I’ll be back next week with a super cool new update 😀