Scale Model Spotlight: Nahid Kennedy

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I am very excited to share one of NEEZO Studios’ latest scale models which we created for Nahid Kennedy! Nahid Kennedy is Nahid’s upcoming 10 storey condominium which is located just north of the Scarborough Bluffs. 
I had the opportunity to stop by the Nahid Kennedy sales center when we were setting up our model. It’s always exciting to see our models on display in the middle of the room!
About Nahid Kennedy
Nahid Kennedy is situated in one of Toronto’s most desirable suburbs and diverse cultural communities, central to major transit, shopping, and entertainment. This 10-storey project offers a wide selection of units of various sizes and layouts suitable for any lifestyle and is equipped with fantastic amenities. Suites range from one-bedroom units to family-friendly three bedrooms units.
When it comes to a development being situated so conveniently to transit routes, it’s important to exemplify just how close it really is. On this model, we added a little TTC bus and a bus stop to show how advantageous it is to live there. We also added the Nahid Kennedy promotional banner on both sides of the bus stop and on the bus itself! Check out the picture below.
Don’t the colors pop on this development? If you were wondering, this scale model was created at a scale of 1:50 and is what we would call a fully-detailed model. 
Check out these fun videos about the Nahid Kennedy model
Bringing the model to life. Check out some of the phases that this model went through to be made.
It’s all about the details…especially when it comes to scale models. Check out this video to see some of the cool details that we added to this model.
A Quick Before and After…And just like that, the model is complete. 
We had a great time creating this awesome model! If you’re around the area, be sure to stop by the Nahid Kennedy sales center when it opens up to check out the model for yourself…you’ll definitely be wowed (please be sure to check the COVID-19 rules and regulations before visiting).