Scale Model Spotlight: ALBA Condos

By September 28, 2021November 15th, 2022Blog
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I am very happy to share one of NEEZO’s latest scale models that was created for Edenshaw Developments’ ALBA. ALBA is an upcoming condo development that will feature modern architectural design. With over 400 suites spanning across 32 storeys, this condo development is going to bring a new standard of condominium living to downtown Mississauga, ON.
Building every scale model takes hard work, but the end result sure is worth it. That’s why we decided to bring you along to see the journey of the ALBA scale model and how it went from our scale model shop to the middle of the sales center.
I had the opportunity to stop by the ALBA sales center to check out the model on display for myself. How gorgeous does it look in the middle of the sales center?
Although here at NEEZO, we create all of the virtual marketing tools as well (ex. Renderings, animations, sales software, etc), there’s nothing like having a scale model on display in the sales center because it gives potential buyers the opportunity to look at the details and really appreciate the intricacy of the building…oh yeah, it also gives people the perfect photo-op. If you were wondering, this scale model was constructed at a scale of 1:75. 
As always, we had a great time creating this scale model. If you’re around the area, be sure to stop by the ALBA sales center to check out the model for yourself…you’ll definitely be wowed (please be sure to check the COVID-19 rules and regulations before visiting). 
If you are interested in getting a scale model for your next project, please reach out to us at