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Behind the Creativity: Blog 5

    Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, right beside the University of Alabama’s Bryant-Denny football stadium, the WestGate Luxury Condominiums will be built to offer Alabama fans and students the opportunity to live close to their school campus and right across from the stadium where their favorite team plays.
To showcase the location of the condo unit to the stadium, NEEZO Studios did what it does best by creating this cool animation that portrays the uniqueness of this project. 
After personally visiting Alabama and specifically the University of Alabama, I think it would be cool to almost “react” or tell you how NEEZO’s magical animations really bring every project to life, including this one.
            To start off the entire process of creating the animation, NEEZO went over all the project details with the client, Spectrum Capital. Some of these details included the feel, look and style the client is after and of course, like every project, we needed CAD files and drawings in order to accurately portray the building when we build it in 3D. After all of the information was disclosed, the team commenced with the process of creating the animation.
             When starting a new project, specifically a detailed animation, one important consideration is at the forefront: how do we work together to ensure that we are conveying the client’s vision using the technology at our disposal to encapsulate a community’s essence? Going into this project, NEEZO Studios knew one thing: Tuscaloosa is a football town and WestGate was planned with that in mind.
Keeping the community’s passion for football in mind, we started scripting and storyboarding how we wanted the full animation to play out, planning out every aspect in order to complete our final task.
From there, we took footage of players on the field and our team headed to Tuscaloosa to take a better look at the Bryant-Denny Stadium, the direct neighbour to WestGate. We had drones capture location-based footage that showcased not only the vastness of the landscape, but the grandeur of the stadium beside it.
Back in the studio, we got to work on animating by using our best technology to develop 3D animations of Spectrum Capital’s floor plans and design specs which were then sequenced with the camera footage, and archived football footage, to bring the WestGate vision to life.
            This past summer, I visited Alabama and passed by the lot where the WestGate condominiums were going to be built. Honestly, it’s super fascinating to be able to see how the animation started from day 1 in our studio up until the day when I watched the final version. It’s even more fascinating to compare the animation to the actual real-life version when both are complete.
            Two of the many things that NEEZO specializes in is animations and photorealistic renderings. What I’ve learned over the years is that animations, in particular, allow future builders/developers and potential buyers the opportunity to experience the atmosphere and area surrounding the building space without actually being there to see it in person.
NEEZO takes pride in ensuring that every builder/developer’s vision will be brought to life through any work that we do. Every creative possibility is established by the very first phase and meeting, just like it was with our client, Spectrum Capital, for this Tuscaloosa project.    
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