Project Spotlight: PRESTO Modern Towns

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Over the nearly two decades since NEEZO was first established, we’ve worked with amazing clients. One of our most recent partnerships was with Ambria Homes on their PRESTO Modern Towns project.
Ambria Homes sought out NEEZO Studios after taking notice of our breakthrough real estate sales software, LiveSite™. After noticing that our studio provides a wad of innovative, creative real estate services, Ambria Homes felt it was fitting to partner with us to provide the following services: 3D renderings, animation, aerial photography, and our real-time interactive software, LiveSite™.
Ambria Homes’ PRESTO Modern Towns is a brand-new community of contemporary townhomes with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes complete with underground parking, expansive balconies overlooking spectacular views, and amazing interior finishes. Ambria needed PRESTO to be brought to life beyond the printed page of a marketing brochure. They wanted impressive digital marketing materials that would help make the development shine and convey that PRESTO was in an already established neighbourhood. 
Ambria’s goal for their PRESTO Modern Towns project was to bring back affordability by launching at a starting price in the mid-$400’s. This enclave of 298 townhomes is situated in Scarborough, a diverse and vibrant neighbourhood on the east side of Toronto. Did you know… Scarborough is the community where Grammy-nominated artist The Weeknd was raised, along with a host of other notable actors and sports figures who play in the NHL and NBA?
In order for us to drop the PRESTO community in 3D and have the actual surrounding area shown in every service we provided, our videography team scouted the site and got the shots that we needed. After doing so, our team was off to the races! Since all of our services are provided under one roof, we were able to pass on all of the drone footage to each division and work simultaneously to get the project finished on time and without delay.
Check out the animation that we created for this project here:
Now let’s focus a little more on how we customized LiveSite™ for PRESTO…
LiveSite™ is not one thing…it’s many and it can be completely customizable to suit a builder’s
needs. With features that allow potential buyers to view the area surrounding the development in
3D, search through units, view/compare 2D and 3D floor plans, check out the area amenities, and
so much more, it’s a tool that truly encompasses everything a builder would need to sell their
development. LiveSite™ combines award winning expertise in software development technology with a deep understanding of the real estate sales process to create impactful and
memorable sales experiences powered by live data.
Unit Search
The unit search feature allows users to easily browse the project’s inventory, either by navigating between available floor plans or searching directly on the 3D building model with intuitive search filters. The information displayed in unit search is powered by a live connection to a third-party CMS System, ensuring users are viewing up-to-date information about pricing, availability, and more. The search filters include the ability to review: Price Range, Floor Range, Number of Bedrooms, Geographic Orientation, Square Footage, Search by Name, Search by Suite Type.
3D Area Amenities View
Highlighting the project’s location with a pulled-back satellite view illustrates the key area amenities & transit routes near the project. Users are able to rotate & zoom in/out on the map in 3D and select the amenities drop down menu to view imagery and distance to the project site.
Day/Night Cycle
We presented the project in a whole new light by allowing users to select between various times of day. They are able to see the community lit up at dusk, observe a sunset or sunrise, along with viewing the surrounding neighbourhood, complete with moving traffic through the streetscapes. It makes for a dramatic way to explore the project.
3D Floor Plans
Ambria Homes wanted buyers to experience an immersive presentation of the available floor plans that elevated the traditional 2D blackline floor plan to a fully 3D experience. Users could rotate and zoom around the floor plan, visualizing how the layouts compared to one another, in a highly engaging way. Users could also compare 3D floor plans side by side, and seamlessly swap between viewing in 3D or 2D floor plans.
Seasonal Changes
Buyers are able to preview the project in all four seasons to convey the year-round seasonality of their future home.
Ambria Homes’ priority preview launch was for real estate brokers (who bring their clients). During the soft-launch, the project sold a whopping 37% of its units! In Ontario, builders need to sell 70-80% of the units before they can begin construction. This project is currently at priority
preview stage for the general public and it’s already halfway to breaking ground! LiveSite’s 3D interactive sales software designed for PRESTO has been a big hit and has immensely allowed potential buyers to understand how great of an upcoming community it is. NEEZO believes that LiveSite™ has a very positive impact on how quickly the sales have been coming in.
Visit this link to read our PRESTO Modern Towns case study: