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Project Spotlight: ONE Water Street

By August 11, 2021November 15th, 2022Blog
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Bringing the Kelowna skyline to life with the dual towers at ONE Water Street! NEEZO Studios had the opportunity to create the 3D photorealistic renderings and animation of the Penthouse for Kerkhoff Construction and North American Development Group (NADG)’s ONE Water Street, an upcoming development that is set to be Kelowna’s soon-to-be tallest high rises.
How We Created the Animation
When creating this animation (and any of our animations for that matter), we really focus on the music. Think about when you watch a movie. No matter if it’s a horror movie, documentary, thriller, etc, the music does so much to draw the audience in and portray a message because it speaks for itself.
For this animation specifically, we knew that this is a classy penthouse project. Rather than choosing an upbeat song for example, a more sophisticated and elegant cinematic track was chosen in order to bring out the classiness and luxuriousness that this penthouse collection is all about.
After choosing the music, we built out the animation to fit with the beat of the song. While you watch the animation, keep an eye to catch some of the moving parts or changing scenes that flow to the beat of the music. 
So now that we’ve covered the importance of the music,  let’s move to our creative approach and pretty much how we did what we did. 
As you can see, the very beginning of the animation starts off with aerial drone footage that shows off not only the surrounding area, but also where the dual towers will be placed once built. From the first few seconds, the music and the footage already draw in the audience.
While creating the animation of the penthouse, we made sure to exemplify just how sophisticated and breathtaking the penthouse collection is. In the majority of the shots, we made sure to show the view that buyers will always be able to see from their floor-to-ceiling length windows. We also included some fun details such as opening the door and making the grand reveal of the private outdoor terrace. (At this point, the music is building up and really keeping the potential buyers fully engaged and drawn to what they are watching).
After going around each room and focusing on the important details, the music settles down and buyers are left wanting more of that enchanting story that they had been watching. 
Creating an impactful animation is all about how you portray the message. With our ONE Water Street penthouse animation, we chose the perfect soundtrack and played with the footage to draw the viewer in and truly tell the story of how enchanting this penthouse collection is.
About the Penthouse Collection 
The ONE Water Street penthouse is a 4500+ square feet architectural canvas on the 36th floor. With an additional 2600+ square feet of outdoor space landscaped with lush greenery and surrounded by a breathtaking view, the ONE Water Street penthouse is an impressive place to call home. Since the interiors are pretty much empty canvases when it comes to the design, potential buyers have the freedom to customize their penthouse. With that said, and if you were wondering, Toronto-based interior designer, Gluckstein Design, designed the penthouse collection. Other than working with them on the ONE Water penthouse, NEEZO Studios has collaborated with Gluckstein Design on several occasions to bring to life some amazing projects. The ONE Water penthouse collection has an unbelievable 360 degree view of the surrounding city, lake and mountains from floor-to-ceiling windows and seemingly endless outdoor spaces. 


Check out our ONE Water Street penthouse collection portfolio here:
About ONE Water Street
One Water Street is a high-density residential mixed-use development designed with generous amenities for urban and modern living. Located in the heart of downtown Kelowna and just steps from Okanagan Lake, One Water Street offers a series of interconnected public and private spaces to create an engaging and lively pedestrian experience. Priority is placed on creating openness and an informal character that provides opportunities for residents and the public to enjoy and feel at home in the community, and in the in-between spaces. Carefully detailed to be fully responsive to views, climate, and Kelowna’s urban context, One Water Street supports the City of Kelowna’s goal of continuing to grow as a destination to live, work, shop, learn, and play.
This project is currently under development and is anticipated to be completed in 2021.
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