NEEZO’s Animations are on Netflix’s Motel Makeover!

By September 1, 2021November 15th, 2022Blog
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I am very excited to share that NEEZO Studios’ 3D animations are featured on Netflix’s newest original series, Motel Makeover
Motel Makeover is a 6 episode series that “centers on friends and business partners April Brown and Sarah Sklash as they reinvigorate a dated property in Sauble Beach, Ontario. It’s a second location for their brand of June Motels, which offer guests Instagram-worthy backdrops, rosé and plenty of millennial pink.” (Credit: USA Today, Mere home renovations aren’t enough: Motel makeovers are the latest in the supersized TV boom). Motel Makeover began streaming on Netflix on August 25, 2021 and can be watched in 190 countries.
Check out some of our animations from Motel Makeover below..yes, these are just screenshots, but you can check out the full animations by watching the episodes 🙂
Our animations on Motel Makeover are used to show viewers the before and after of the spaces. While Sarah and April discuss their plans and how they would like to renovate the Motel, our animations fly onto the screen and build up everything that the girls are saying word for word. This style of animation that we create for these TV shows is a process that takes a lot of in-studio designing and specific NEEZO techniques in order to reach that signature NEEZO look that everyone knows.
Although our work has been and continues to be featured on TV shows, it was a pretty cool feeling to see our work and our name in the credits on Netflix.
As some of you may know, NEEZO has been the home of the 3D animations on HGTV’s Property Brothers since its inception in 2011, but our history with creating animations for TV doesn’t just stop there. We’ve also created the animations on other shows that feature Drew and Jonathan Scott (a.k.a. The Property Brothers) such as: Brother Vs. Brother, Forever Home, Celebrity IOU, Property Brothers at Home, and more. You might’ve also noticed our animations on CTV’s Holmes Family Effect, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Income Property, and on channels such as ABC, CBC, W Network, and The Food Network.
NEEZO Studios is the go-to studio for the film and television industry and we’re excited for what is to come. Check out Motel Makeover for yourself on Netflix and keep an eye out to spot our animations during each episode.