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NEEZO Studios Wins 6 AVA Digital Awards + 1 Silver at The Nationals!

By March 26, 2019Blog
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Behind the Creativity: Blog 9

What an awesome way to start off the 2019 award season with  7 wins!
I’m so excited to announce that NEEZO Studios has recently won 4 Platinum and 2 Gold 2019 AVA Digital Awards?
* Our Platinum winning projects are:
Animation – Jaguar and Land Rover
Special Effects/Animation – The Westgate Residences
Animation – Elgin East
Augmented or Virtual Reality – West 5 Nature Walk (VR Experience)
* Our Gold winning projects are:
Interactive Brand Experience – Avery Dennison Car Wrap Visualizer
NEEZO Studios Demo Reel
A lot of hard work and creativity between the team was put into completing all of the above projects, so to win as many awards as we did for them is such a great feeling for everyone who had a part in bringing these projects to life.
Each of these projects, as well as the demo reel, allowed NEEZO’s creativity to shine and show how diverse our studio’s work can really be. Be it animations, virtual reality, and even interactive configurators, we do it all.
As our cherry on the top for the start of 2019’s award season, NEEZO also won a Silver award at NAHB’s 2019 “The Nationals”.  The project which won Silver was NEEZO Studios Geranium 3D Interactive Application.
There’s always an immense amount of pride and joy that comes with winning an award, but the fact that we won 7  in the first 3 months of 2019 is a completely different level and I’m so proud of that accomplishment.
A big thank you goes out to our amazing team at the studio who help put together our magic and to Marvin and Aline, who work hand-in-hand to lead NEEZO. Everything we do is a team effort, so here’s to everyone that’s a part of our team!
Thanks for checking out this weeks’ blog post!
I’ll be back with a super cool new update 😀 
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