NEEZO Studios wins silver at The Nationals 2020

By February 25, 2020Blog
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NEEZO Studios is honored to have won a Silver award for Best Computer Generated Sales Tool at The Nationals, NAHB’s largest and most prestigious award show, which happened in January 2020 in Las Vegas. As referenced in past blog posts, NEEZO Studios has created the renderings and animations for the Property Brothers™ show since its inception in 2011 (and a few of their other show concepts – Brother Vs. Brother, Brothers Take on New Orleans, and Property Brothers at Home – Drew’s Honeymoon House). 
Just last year, when their new show Forever Home was announced, NEEZO Studios was also given the awesome opportunity to create the renderings and animations for that show as well.
This time around, NEEZO Studios won the silver award for our 3D animations and renderings that are featured on the Property Brothers’ newest show, Forever Home. Producing the renderings and animations for these shows does take a lot of work and effort, so it’s undoubtedly a great feeling when your work is recognized by your industry peers.
Feel free to check out this link to view the project/video that won Silver:


There’s no doubt that Vegas is a pretty great place to host an award show. Not only is it fun and things are always happening in Vegas, but what better way to connect and catch-up with colleagues and clients as well as have the opportunity to meet new people who are all who are all interested in honing their skills, upping their game and appreciating the hard work that goes into qualifying for these award shows.
Overall, it was a memorable night and a great way to start off the new year!
Let’s just say that for this trip, what happened in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas, rather, it’s going to be showcased on our ‘great wall of awards’. Huge thanks to NAHB for this award!