NEEZO Studios’ Animations Featured on Another Season of “Where to I do?” Airing on CTV Life Channel

By July 22, 2020November 10th, 2020Blog
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In Spring 2018, NEEZO Studios was asked to be part of GUSTO TV’s (now CTV Life Channel) new Canadian wedding design show, “Where To I Do?”. The show inspires engaged couples by touring various event venues and presenting three completely unique spaces, where their fantasy wedding could take place. Whether it’s a medieval castle, a converted warehouse, a luxurious farmhouse, or a lavish secret garden, host, Tommy Smythe, presents the best options to help each couple lock down this key detail for their dream day. 
This year marks the third season in which NEEZO Studios has had the honour to work on the unique wedding inspiration program. “Fortunately, host Tommy Smythe will make every couple’s decision a little bit easier by providing them with high-quality 3D renders to help them — and viewers — understand how each potential wedding location can be used to its fullest potential.”


It’s no doubt that all of the chosen venue locations are stunning. It’s challenging to envision how a venue might look after all of the decorations and preparations are complete. When it came to the visualizations for ‘Where To I Do?’, NEEZO’s animations were used to show the couples just how much potential each venue had to offer even before any final plans were done. Working alongside the ‘Where To I Do?’ team, NEEZO followed the design plan that fit each venue and represented each couple perfectly. NEEZO’s renderings and animations were used to show people how the venue could look before the actual event. 
Be sure to catch a new episode (airing in Canada) every Tuesday on CTV Life Channel at 9pmEST|6pmPST. 


Called upon by some of the hottest shows and talent in TV production, NEEZO Studios’ award-winning 3D animations, photorealistic renderings and motion graphics have been featured on ABC, CBC, HGTV, W Network and the Food Network, and such popular TV shows as Property Brothers, Brother vs. Brother, Canada: The Story of Us, The Marilyn Denis Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and many others over the past decade. Here is a small sampling of our work, showcasing just a few of the hundreds of projects we have produced: