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NEEZO Studios’ Animations Featured on Another Season of HGTV’s Brother Vs. Brother

By November 10, 2020November 15th, 2022Blog
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With its seventh season now concluded, NEEZO Studios is very honored to have created the renderings and animations for another exciting season of Brother VS. Brother!
Brother VS. Brother dropped its first season back in July 2013 and has been going strong as the seasons go by. What made the latest season’s Los Angeles location much more special is the fact that Drew’s honeymoon house is located in that specific location so some could say that Drew already had a slight advantage over Jonathan 🙂
What makes Brother VS. Brother so different from their other shows, such as Property Brothers: Forever Home, and their original series that started it all, Property Brothers, is the idea in which instead of working together to help bring everyone’s dream home to life, they are going head to head and competing against each other. 
With their individual crews of contractors, designers, and realtors, each brother purchases, revamps and then sells the properties that they worked during the season. In order to claim the ‘Winner’ title, the goal is to see who makes the most profit from each sale. 
After the brothers and their respective teams finished fixing up their properties, the winner for season seven ended up being Drew Scott. This victory has now put Drew in the lead for the most Brother VS. Brother wins – four out of the seven seasons to be exact. 


With many fun and thrilling challenges throughout this season, one of the neat things that happened was when the brothers visited Disneyland and had a challenge where the winner would stay one night at a special Disneyland resort. Feel free to check out this fun video from that episode:


NEEZO Studios has had the honor and privilege to create all of the 3D flythrough animated scenes featured in Property Brothers, Brother Vs. Brother, Forever Home, and a few more Property Brothers shows. 
Check out this upbeat video that NEEZO Studios put together to see some of our awesome work from Brother VS. Brother season 7.
The interior and exterior flythrough scenes that NEEZO creates for every Property Brothers show is a really cool process that takes a lot of in-studio designing and special NEEZO Studios techniques in order to be able to complete that signature NEEZO look.
Next time you watch one of the Property Brothers shows, be sure to keep an eye out for our 3D renderings and animations…you will definitely spot them 😉
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