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Introducing NEEZO Studios’ Red-Carpet VIP-VR™ (Your Virtual Sales Center Experience for Pandemic and Post Pandemic Times)

By October 27, 2020November 15th, 2022Blog
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Here at NEEZO Studios, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the 3D architectural visualization industry. Now that the way we live our lives has changed because of COVID-19 and forced us to try our best to stay home and not go out unless necessary, it undoubtedly changed the way real estate developers are able to sell their upcoming developments in the sales center, since not many people are able to be in there all at once or feel comfortable due to social distancing rules. 
So naturally, NEEZO saw this as an opportunity to push the limits in our creative architectural visualization abilities. Introducing NEEZO Studios’ RED-CARPET VIP-VR™!
NEEZO’s RED-CARPET VIP-VR™  is a VR walkthrough unlike any other. With this 3D interactive walkthrough, you can tour the builder’s sales center in its entirety all while being in the comfort of your own home. 
Going way beyond the conventional VR walkthrough, NEEZO Studios implemented a series of interactive touchpoints that enable users to download, listen to or view 3D elements of the entire sales center (in addition to the 3D walkthrough experience). 
Beyond a conventional 3D tour, NEEZO implements a myriad of interactive components, including:
  • A video-hostess who points out what you can see/do at every interactive touchpoint of the sales centre
  • Virtual guests can peruse the standard and upgrade packages
  • Buyers are one click away from photo-realistic, 3D renderings of the various kitchen combinations’ standard & upgrade finishes
  • Virtual visitors can orbit around the scale model in 360 degrees, to observe every angle of the building.
  • And since this is a prelude to LiveSite™, homebuyers can virtually buy the home of their choice and the sales team can upload the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.


NEEZO Studios’ founder and CEO, Marvin Maalouf..not one to settle with the status quo came up with the idea “As the pandemic paralyzed business; builders had half a million dollars or more invested in these stunning sales centres, that were just sitting there… empty, when they were poised to experience a successful, selling season. Everything came to a grinding halt.” Maalouf innately skilled at reverse engineering thought, “How could my builder clients still make use of these showpiece sales centres and safely give homebuyers and investors that high touch sales centre experience… and that’s when it hit me! Shortly after, we rolled out RED-CARPET VIP-VR which serves as the perfect prelude to LiveSite.”


Our RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ is your virtual sales center, a replica of the builder’s actual sales centre. Just like you would experience when you’re in the sales center, NEEZO’s RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ allows you to: 
  • Schedule an appointment on the spot – virtually or in-person
  • Orbit around the scale model in 360 degrees
  • View interactive brochures floor plans, features and finishes, and a gallery of images (and download marketing materials)
  • Check out the builder’s story
  • Envision your kitchen finishes with one click
In addition to the list of features above, RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ lets you gain access to Livesite™, our interactive real estate sales software that allows you to:
  • View real time unit availability
  • Display accurate lot and unit availability
  • Compare floor plans side-by-side
  • Assess distances to area amenities
  • Close a sale with an Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Along with a slew of other exciting features
Watch this demo to see what Livesite™ has to offer here:
To experience our RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ treatment for Molinaro Group’s Illumina, click here:
If you would like to digitally twin your sales center with RED-CARPET VIP-VR™, contact NEEZO Studios at
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