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How To Virtually Sell New Homes During a Pandemic

By March 24, 2020Blog
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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is something that has developed rapidly. Our everyday lifestyles were quickly put on hold and many things still remain unknown about how to deal with this outbreak. One very large and important industry that is being affected by the virus is the real estate industry. Many builders and developers that were planning on selling homes, high rises, etc. in the Spring/Summer as well as building new developments in the upcoming months, are being put on pause until there’s more information regarding how to stop the virus outbreak. As a result, many potential buyers might be hesitant to visit a sales center knowing that they’d rather stay in self-quarantine in order to protect themselves from potentially being susceptible to the virus.
With that in mind, it is undeniable that virtual marketing is the way to go – not only because technology is always evolving, but also because people can view potential properties all from their own devices and in their own homes. 
Livesite™, NEEZO Studios’ real-time real estate sales software, is the perfect example of having your sales center at your fingertips. Since the outbreak, many clients around North America have been requesting to have Livesite™ for their projects because it offers everything you’d want to showcase in your sales centre: cinematic animation, browse live product inventory, area amenities, stunningly detailed 3D site plans, compare 2D/3D floor plans, and so much more (see image above for a few of the features that are available in Livesite™).
Virtual Marketing is a route that many builders/developers are gravitating toward, especially during this Pandemic, because it allows for flexibility, creativity, and it is without a doubt the safest way for your message to be brought to potential buyers without anyone needing to leave the confines of their own home. 
Livesite™ offers all of that and more!
Its feature set encompasses everything your project needs to shine. No matter if you’re selling detached homes, a high rise, or even townhomes, Livesite™ can be customized to your project’s needs. It even includes brand integration, meaning Livesite’s user interface is tailored to match your branding, from logo to color palette, all the way down to fonts. So for your buyers, it’ll be as if they’re really at your sales center. 
If you’d like to experience one of our Livesite™ applications, check out the demo below that NEEZO Studios created for DR Horton – Santorini Townhomes .
In summation, COVID-19 is a very serious and unfortunate situation that is affecting the economy, our everyday lives, and the health and safety of everyone. It’s very difficult to see a bright side in a situation such as the outbreak, but we need to work with what we have in order to keep things going as closely to how they would have progressed without the virus. This includes using new and innovative ways to get your message out there. Using virtual marketing is an innovative means of reaching your potential buyers, on their terms, while keeping your brand front and centre.
If you’d like to get a quote for a Livesite™ application or any of our other services, reach out to us at: 
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