Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

By January 3, 2019Blog
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Behind the Creativity: Blog 6

I can’t believe how quickly 2018 flew by. Although it seemed very short, 2018 was a very eventful year. Before we move further into 2019, I wanted the first blog of this year to be about some of my favourite memories from 2018 and also what NEEZO Studios has in store for 2019.
In late November, we were so thrilled to find out that NEEZO has been awarded with a Silver award for The Nationals. Winning the Silver award is a great accomplishment in itself, but what is even more exciting is the fact that  NEEZO is automatically nominated for the Gold awards which will be held in Las Vegas this February during the International Builders Show. (See below for more details about NEEZO exhibiting at IBS).
I love writing. Whether it be poems, essays, songs, or even novels, it’s a passion of mine. Having the privilege to write a weekly blog for NEEZO is an awesome opportunity that I’m thankful to have been given. I want to thank you for joining me along the ride and reading my blogs. Much more to come ?Your continued support means a lot!
If you’ve read blog 4, you’d know that my adorable puppy, Dakota, is also the studio mascot. Although we’ve only had her since late November of 2018, she’s already brought so much more energy and fun to the studio. Other than playing ping pong, video games, foosball or even air hockey, the team also enjoys playing with Dakota as a fun pastime during their breaks.
HELLO 2019!!
It’s always a blessing to get through another year. Although 2018 was a good ride, 2019 is going to be awesome not only for myself, but for each of you reading this blog. Being positive and always hopeful will always benefit you. If you want 2019 to be YOUR year, then do all it takes to follow through with your goals.
I want to announce here as well that NEEZO Studios will be attending this year’s International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas this February. Our booth is SU813, stop by and say hi if you are attending. We’re all so excited to be going to the show once again and to be nominated for an award at the Nationals. More details to come once the date of the show gets closer?
Thank you again for the support that you’ve given me since my first blog in 2018. It means a lot and I can’t wait to write more about life behind the creativity at NEEZO Studios this year. 
Thanks for checking out this weeks’ blog post!
I’ll be back next week with a super cool new update 😀