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NEEZO Studios’ Animations Featured on CTV’s Holmes Family Effect

By February 19, 2021November 15th, 2022Blog
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On behalf of NEEZO Studios, I am very pleased to announce that we had the amazing opportunity to create the 3D renderings and animations for CTV’s new show, Holmes Family Effect
Each episode follows the Holmes family (Mike Holmes, Sherry Holmes, and Michael Holmes) as they surprise deserving people who make differences in their communities with amazing renovations. 
What To Expect In This Show…
Check out the show’s trailer here:
How Our Animations Are Used Throughout The Show
This show has a unique approach. When the Holmes family regroups at the beginning of the episode to discuss the changes that they would like to make to each of the spaces, Mike Holmes opens up a floorplan on the table and voila…our animation appears as a 3D levitating version of the 2D floor plan that they were looking at.  The camera then zooms in to showcase the transformation of each space.  So instead of starting the animation showing the distressed state of a space to what it can potentially transform to, we created the entire area that needed to be renovated as a floating object.
Adding these 3D animated elements to every show we work on, including Holmes Family Effect, allows the audience to engage and understand the renovations that are to be made as well as the potential of what the space could be transformed to.
Some call it magic, we call it the NEEZO touch! Here are a few shots from the debut episode of Holmes Family Effect where you can see how our renderings and animations are used in each episode:
Be sure to tune in to CTV every Sunday at 8:00pm EST to catch an all new episode of Holmes Family Effect…and don’t forget to keep an eye out to spot our renderings and animations throughout!
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