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BTS of NEEZO Studios’ Producers Ball Animation

By November 20, 2018Blog
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Behind the Creativity: Blog 2

It’s crazy to think that worlds and universes can be realistically created solely through computer graphics. Especially within the film industry, new methods are always being curated to thoroughly develop unimaginable worlds. Back in 2015, I had the super cool opportunity to be a part of something that involved building a world completely through technology. This cool project was NEEZO Studios’ 2015 Producer’s Ball Animation during the Toronto International Film Festival.
For this week’s blog, I wanted to tell you all about the process of making this super cool animation and how NEEZO Studios transformed it into the magical animation that you can watch above?


To create the entire setting, the NEEZO team set up the green studio with our lights and cameras and started filming. The process where we were acting in the green room took about 3 days and that consisted of shooting multiple takes in order to get the perfect shots and angles. In order to get all of the proper angles and shots, the team set up a bunch of markers around the studio so that they would be able to refer to every point on the greenscreen while creating the final animation.
Once the acting phase was all finished, the team started to model everything so that they could drop us into the 3D world. By doing so, the team had to mix what was real into a fake digital setting by incorporating the two to create the final animation. After this process was completed, the team keyed the footage and motion tracked us into the rendered environment. Then the audio was added. So, things like sound effects and music were mixed into the animation in order to complete the final video.
 When I was allowed to see the final cut of the video, I was in awe of how amazingly realistic it all looked. To see what the final animation looked like compared to the first phase of the project when I was acting on the green screen was truly incredible because the NEEZO team made something out of nothing. It was very cool to see the animation being played on the big screen throughout the entire Producer’s Ball party. This whole process of filming, modeling, tracking, and editing really made me get an understanding of how much hard work and time goes into creating what seems like a simple 90 second video to others. The NEEZO team really emphasized the fact that everything starts with a great idea, but it takes an amazing team to make the idea a reality.
Thanks for checking out this weeks’ blog post!
I’ll be back next week with a super cool new update 😀 
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