NEEZO Studios Wins 1 Gold and 2 Silver Awards at The Nationals 2021!

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I am very proud and happy to announce that NEEZO Studios won 1 Gold and 2 Silver awards at this year’s The Nationals, The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) annual awards ceremony…a.k.a. The Oscars of the real estate industry. Winning an award, nevermind 3, especially knowing that 12% of the entries were chosen as Silver Honorees and only 4% earned the gold, is an honor and we are all proud that our innovative work continues to make such a positive impact on the proptech industry.
Red Carpet VIP-VR – Gold Award Winner
NEEZO’s latest 3D breakthrough product, Red Carpet VIP-VR, won the Gold Award for Best Virtual Sales Process/Experience. Red Carpet VIP-VR was invented out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. After noticing that many of our builder clients were not able to continue with their launches due to the pandemic, NEEZO Studios’ founder, Marvin Maalouf, came up with this innovative virtual reality sales center as a safe and effective alternative that allows builders to invite their homebuyers to the front of the line, wherever they are!
Essentially, Red Carpet VIP-VR serves as a prelude to NEEZO’s real time real estate sales software, LiveSite™.  For those unable to visit the sales centre in person, we made sure to implement a series of interactive touchpoints that enabled users to download, listen to or view 3D elements of the entire sales centre (custom-rendered in photorealistic 3D, based on the builder’s actual sales centre). Beyond a mere 3D tour, NEEZO enhanced conventional (walk through) VR with a myriad of interactive components:
  • A video-hostess who points out what you can see/do at every interactive touchpoint of the sales centre
  • Virtual guests can peruse the standard and upgrade packages
  • Buyers are one click away from photo-realistic, 3D renderings of the various kitchen combinations
  • Virtual visitors can orbit around the scale model in 360 degrees, to observe every angle of the building.
  • Schedule an appointment on the spot, virtually or in-person
  • View interactive brochures, floorplans, features and finishes and a gallery of images (and download the marketing materials if they wish)
  • Check out the builder’s story
To experience Molinaro Group’s Illumina Red Carpet VIP-VR Sales Center experience, click here.
HGTV’s Brother Vs. Brother – Silver Award Winner
NEEZO Studios won a Silver Award for Best Video – Long Format – Over 1 Minute for our 3D animations and renderings on HGTV’s Brother Vs. Brother! NEEZO Studios has had the honor and privilege to create all of the 3D flythrough animated scenes featured in Property Brothers, Brother Vs. Brother, Forever Home, and a few more Property Brothers shows. The interior and exterior flythrough scenes that NEEZO creates for every Property Brothers show is a really cool process that takes a lot of in-studio designing and special NEEZO Studios techniques in order to be able to complete that signature NEEZO look.
Check out this upbeat video that NEEZO Studios put together to see some of our awesome work from Brother VS. Brother season 7:
The Stanley District – Silver Award Winner
NEEZO Studios won another Silver Award for the LiveSite™ application that we created for The Stanley District, La Pue International’s upcoming development in the Niagara Falls area. The category that we won this award in was Best Use of Technology. 
LiveSite’s award-winning feature set offers an engaging user experience that enables homebuyers to orbit around the community, browse live product inventory, view and compare 2D/3D floor plans, take a building tour, discover local area amenities and transit routes situated around the development, view a media gallery with extra information about the development, watch a cinematic animation of the development, check out the development during different seasons and at different times of the day with a geographically accurate day & night cycle. On top of all that, every LiveSite™ project is custom-tailored to match your project’s branding. Driven by a powerful, web-based CMS, LiveSite™ empowers your sales team to: manage unit and lot availability (ex. hiding/revealing floors or units as you wish), adjust pricing, provide sales reports and more. The most unique element about LiveSite™ is that it’s compatible on every platform–desktop, laptop, tablet, Android, iOS mobile devices; making your sales centre virtually unforgettable! 
Check out our demo of The Stanley District LiveSite™ application that won the Best Use of technology Silver Award:
On behalf of everyone here at NEEZO, thank you to The Nationals for these awards!