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Scale Model Spotlight: Apex Condos

By March 21, 2022Blog
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I am very happy to share the two fully detailed townhome and fully detailed condo scale models that NEEZO created for Coletara Developments’ Apex Condos. Apex is a stunning collection of condominiums capturing the lifestyle of downtown Hamilton. Coming Spring 2022, this pinnacle of architecture and design will bring a new height of luxury living in Downtown Hamilton, Ontario.
Building every scale model is time consuming and requires attention to detail, but the end result sure is worth it. Check out this fun video to see the journey of our two Apex scale models and how they went from our scale model shop to the middle of the sales center.
I had the opportunity to stop by the Apex Condos sales center to check out the models on display and got a picture next to the tower model. Doesn’t it look amazing on display?!
Although the main focus of our studio is to be a one stop shop (including creating marketing tools like renderings, animations, and interactive sales software), there’s something unique about having a physical scale model on display in the sales center. Not only does it give potential buyers the chance to look at the details and really appreciate the intricacy of the building, but it also gives people the perfect photo-op!
As always, we had a great time creating these two scale models. If you are interested in checking them out or are interested in learning more about what Apex has to offer, be sure to visit the sales center.
If you are interested in getting a scale model for your next project, please reach out to us at
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