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Behind the Creativity: Blog 12

Chloé Maalouf – Account Manager 
Happy New Year everyone! I cannot believe it’s already 2020. Looking back at 2019, a lot of very memorable and exciting things happened here at NEEZO Studios. With that said, there are a few occasions that specifically stick out in my mind…so let’s discuss them 🙂


What better way to end 2019 and start off the new year than by NEEZO Studios officially introducing its newest brand, Livesite™?
Livesite™ combines award winning expertise in real-time technology with a deep understanding of the real estate sales process to create impactful and memorable sales experiences powered by live data.
Livesite’s feature set encompasses everything your project needs to shine. A few features that are included in this one of a kind application are: 3D area amenities, unit search, day/night/seasons cycle, building amenities, 3D site plan, and much more! 
After spending a few years really mastering Livesite™ not only as a product, but as a brand, it’s honestly very exciting to see just how far we’ve come.
( Learn more about Livesite™ here: )


In 2019, NEEZO Studios won a whopping 21 awards! It’s undoubtedly a great feeling when all of the hard work put into creating a project is recognized. I’ve listed all of the different awards that we won, as well as the links for you to check out some of the work that won. 

Hermes Creative Awards

NEEZO Studios won 8 platinum Hermes Creative Awards in 2019. The projects that won are: Avery Dennison car wrap visualizer, Westgate residences animation, Jaguar Land Rover animation, Canada Story of Us (TV), Where To I Do? (TV), Nature Walk Virtual Reality, Elgin East animation, and Allegro interactive application (Livesite™). 

Muse Creative Awards

NEEZO Studios won 5 Muse Creative Awards in 2019. The projects that won are listed here: Platinum – Avery Dennison car wrap visualizer, Platinum –Westgate residences animation, Platinum –Jaguar Land Rover animation , Gold – West 5 Virtual Reality, Silver – West 5 Augmented Reality.

AVA Digital Awards

NEEZO Studios won 6 AVA Digital Awards in 2019. The projects that won are listed here: Platinum –Elgin East animation, Platinum –West 5 Virtual Reality, Platinum – Demo Reel, Gold –Westgate residences animation, Gold- Avery Dennison car wrap visualizer.

2019 TAB Star Awards

NEEZO Studios won Best Promotional Video for our Westgate residences animation during the 2019 TAB Star Awards. 

The Nationals 2019

NEEZO Studios won a silver for our Allegro interactive application (Livesite™) at NAHB’s “The Nationals”, one of the industry’s most coveted award shows.


NEEZO Studios has been creating the 3D rendering/animation flythroughs for every episode of The Property Brothers™ since it first aired way back in 2011. Our 3D fly throughs are played in the episode when Jonathan and Drew Scott, a.k.a The Property Brothers™, describe how the home will look after the renovations are complete. While they are describing this process to the homebuyers/homeowners, our 3D work plays in the episode in order to give the viewer a more clear understanding of how Jonathan and Drew are going to transform the home.
We’ve always been excited about creating these flythroughs not only for the original Property Brothers™ show, but also for their other show concepts, Brother Vs. Brother, Brothers Take on New Orleans, and Property Brothers at Home – Drew’s Honeymoon House.
In 2019, however, the series premiere of Property Brothers Forever Home officially aired on HGTV. We’re super stoked to be working alongside the brothers and their entire production team to create the 3D animations and renderings for another one of their shows! If you haven’t yet watched a Forever Home episode, you definitely should. And when you do make sure to keep an eye out to spot our work throughout the episode!


It’s always a cool feeling to see our work on TV and while we’ve worked on and are still working on creating 3D animations and renderings for many shows (including The Property Brothers™), one very unique show that NEEZO Studios created the 3D animations for is GustoTV’s Where To I Do?, a show that takes couples who are planning their dream wedding to consider many stunning venues. 
2019 was a great year and I’m so excited to see what 2020 has in store.
If there’s anything you’d like to see featured in a future post, drop me a line cmaalouf@
Thanks for checking out this weeks’ blog post!
I’ll be back  with a super cool new update 😀 
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