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A Year In Review: 2020

By January 12, 2021November 15th, 2022Blog
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Happy New Year!! What a year 2020 has been for all of us. Of course a lot of events occurred last year, but as we all know, the biggest situation that was presented to us and that we are still facing is the global pandemic, Covid-19. Before we dive into this blog and speak about some memorable moments that NEEZO experienced in 2020, I want to take the time to say that I hope you had a great holiday break and are doing well considering these challenging times. Covid-19 was definitely a big shock to us all, but we’ve been getting through it and will get to a point where things can slowly start going back to normal.
Now that the way we live our lives has changed because of Covid-19 and forced us to try our best to stay home and not go out unless necessary, it undoubtedly changed the way real estate developers are able to sell their upcoming developments in the sales center, since not many people are able to be in there all at once or feel comfortable doing so due to social distancing rules.
So naturally, NEEZO saw this as an opportunity to push the limits in our creative architectural visualization abilities. As a result of this unanticipated new way to live, NEEZO Studios created RED-CARPET VIP-VR™, a Virtual Reality walkthrough unlike any other. RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ gives potential buyers the opportunity to tour the sales center virtually from the comfort of their home. With the ability to view brochures, floorplans, animations, a scale model, the builder’s story, schedule in-person/virtual appointments, and so much more, all while being directed by a video-hostess, RED-CARPET VIP-VR™ is the safest alternative to having buyers visit the sales center.
Click the link to learn more about it:


Celebrity IOU Season 1 & 2


NEEZO Studios had the great opportunity to create the 3D animations and renderings on both seasons of HGTV’s Celebrity IOU. What makes Celebrity IOU so different from the other Property Brothers shows is that it gives celebrities the opportunity to express their gratitude towards someone who has had a significant impact on their lives.
The celebrities in season 1 were: Brad Pitt, Rebel Wilson, Viola Davis, Jeremy Renner, Michael Bublé, and Melissa McCarthy. The celebrities in season 2 were: Zooey Deschanel, Allison Janney, Rainn Wilson, and Justin Hartley. 


Brother Vs. Brother Season 7
In 2020, NEEZO Studios also had the pleasure of creating the 3D animations and renderings for season 7 of HGTV’s Brother Vs. Brother. Following Drew and Jonathan Scott, a.k.a. The Property Brothers, Brother Vs. Brother makes the brothers go head to head to revamp the properties they choose and see who can make the most profit from each sale.
Check out some of our animations from Brother Vs. Brother season 7 here:
More than one year of Property Brothers Forever Home
May 2020 marked one year of Property Brothers Forever Home which means that NEEZO also celebrated creating the 3D animations and renderings for the show and by December 2020, HGTV had begun airing season 4 of Forever Home!
Check out some of our animations from Forever Home season 1 here:
Where To I Do? Season 3
In 2020, NEEZO Studios also had the pleasure to create the 3D animations and renderings on another season of CTV Life channel’s Where To I Do? 
Check out this season’s trailer here (you’ll also spot some of our animations throughout the video):
Although NEEZO has been creating interactive applications for many years, our real estate sales software, Livesite™, has officially been out for more than a year!!
With effective features such as 2D/3D floor plans, 3D Area Amenities, Home & Lot Search, 3D Home View, Unit Search (as seen in the image below) and many more, Livesite™ has truly stepped up the game when it comes to efficient and memorable sales experiences.
To learn more about how LiveSite™ can help you sell your next project, please visit:
The Nationals 2021
NEEZO Studios won 3 Silver awards for NAHB’s The Nationals 2021! Silver Award winners are the top vote recipients in each category and are the finalists for the Gold Award, which will be announced in February 2021! The categories that we won in are: Best Use of Technology, Best Virtual Sales Process/Experience, and Best Video – Long Format – Over 1 Minute. 
To check out which projects won, please visit the links below:
Best Use of Technology
Best Virtual Sales Process/Experience
Best Video – Long Format – Over 1 Minute
Aurora Awards
NEEZO won a Grand Aurora Award at the Aurora Awards for our Westgate Residences animation. The category that it won in was Best Long Format Video Over 60 Seconds.
To check out which project won, please visit the link below:
BIA MAME Awards 
NEEZO Studios won 2 awards at the 2020 BIA MAME Awards! The categories that we won in were: Associate Company – Professional Team of the Year, and Best Use of Technology.
To check out which project won, please visit the links below:
Best Use of Technology
Back in February 2020, NEEZO Studios’ stunning birds eye view rendering of Mizrahi Developments’ The One was featured in a special edition of AD magazine, the 100th Anniversary of AD–a Collector’s Issue.
Every year, Architectural Digest reveals the highly anticipated “AD100 list”– an annual survey of the top names in interior design/decor/architecture.
This particular “AD100” issue earns extra special “collector’s edition status” since 2020 marks AD’s 100th anniversary (in addition to the issue showcasing their top 100 interior designers list)!
No matter how strange life might’ve been for the majority of 2020, it’s definitely a blessing to still be here, healthy and safe. We had some very exciting moments here at NEEZO Studios last year and we’re excited for what’s to come in 2021. On behalf of NEEZO Studios, a special thank you goes out to all of our clients. Happy New Year again and here’s to 2021!
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