Aline Maalouf

Executive Vice President

With over 15 years of experience in the industry and a strong background in marketing and advertising, Aline Maalouf is very instrumental in the growth and expansion of various sectors within NEEZO Studios, particularly its television production division. 

Aline has a keen eye for aesthetics and an outstanding ability to see details that make a difference, which helps give that extra “kick” to projects. With her unwavering optimism, boundless energy, amazing passion and a “let’s go” attitude, she keeps the staff motivated to deliver the highest quality of service to all clients.

Aside from her marketing and sales efforts on the real estate side at NEEZO Studios, Aline is President of Xortus Inc., an architectural scale model company and Executive Vice President at NVYVE Studios, a gaming company.

“I’m passionate about supporting our strong team and delivering outstanding work for our clients. Every project we undertake is another opportunity to create a new digital masterpiece. I’m excited by the work we’re doing to usher in a new era of digital storytelling and creating journeys of imagination.”